Technical Requirements

Operating system

You should be able to watch film on all operating systems that support flash player – Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


There are no special requirements for hardware, if you can watch video on YouTube, your computer should handle ICO.

Internet connection

In order to stream smoothly films from ICO, you will need an internet connection with bandwidth at least 
0,8 Mb/s (800 Kb/s) to view small size films
1,5 Mb/s (1500 Kb/s) to view medium size films
2,5 Mb/s (2500 Kb/s) to view large(HD) size films
to check you internet connection speed you can go to

Film sizes explained

is 720p HD file with bitrate 2,5 Mb/s

is file with resolution close to PAL standard (DVD) and bitrate 1,5 Mb/s

is 640 pixel wide video with bitrate 0,8 Mb/s




Older computers

If you playback is not smooth it most often means that your computer is not handling the playback. This can happen with older computers that have slower processor and less RAM. You can try following to take the load off your computer.

1. Update your flash player 

2. Choose smaller file size (drop-down menu located under the player on the right side)

3.  Switch off all other programs

4. Try using Chrome browser, it is said to be using less power resources.

5. Check if you allow your flash player to store enough information from ICO. Check here below for further instructions. 


If your computer is not old and you are still experiencing problems.


If the film is stopping it usually means that you are having problems with streaming. Your internet connection speed may not be sufficient or you are experiencing temporary network overload. See Technical requirements (above) for details. To fix this:


1. Make sure you are not downloading something else at the same time.

2. Choose smaller file size (drop-down menu located under the player on the right side).

3. Upgrade your internet connection speed.


4. Make sure you are using the latest version of Flash. To check your version, see Adobe's About page.

5. Make sure that your flash player allows ICO to store enough information. Navigate to a page that shows a Flash video. Right-click on the video player and click Settings... in the context menu. The Adobe Flash Player Settings will open. There is a question in Settings "How much information can ICO store on your computer?". Set the slider on the pop-up screen higher and that should fix your problem. 


If you are still experiencing problems please e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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