Frequently Asked Questions

What is Icelandic Cinema Online?

Icelandic Cinema Online (ICO) is a website where you can discover and watch films from and about Iceland. It functions as an online movie rental where you can rent a film and watch it on your computer (or connect computer to your TV) during 24 hours after purchase is confirmed.

What kind of films do you offer on the website?

Our mission is to have a broad variety of Icelandic films which includes features, documentaries, short films, TV shows and music videos of all types and genres.

In which countries does your service work?

Our service should work everywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection (see below technical requirements for streaming films). However some films are restricted in particular areas. You will see information about restrictions in the info box below the player, if there are any. In the near future you will be able to filter films by availability in your area. It is our goal to have all films available everywhere but it is a time consuming contracting process so we ask you to be patient with us if a particular film is not available in your area. We are certainly working on it!

Is Icelandic Cinema Online Video-on-Demand service?

ICO is a pay-per view video-on-demand service. You can purchase credit on our website and watch films as long as your credit allows. Minimum charge is €5. You can watch the film during 24 hour period after purchase.

Is the site only in English?

The site is also in German and French. However we are working on the translations at the moment so there could be some minor mistakes in the translations or somethings might not be translated but it will be fixed soon. 

What subtitle languages are available?

All films on ICO have english subtitles or are in spoken english. Some films have subtitles in more languages. You can see information about available subtitles with each film. It is on the top of our priority list to add subtitles in as many languages as possible. Any volunteers for subtitle translations are welcome, please send email to

Watching films

How can I watch a film?

You will need to register and purchase credit on your account.

Playback / Streaming

ICO website delivers video-stream to your browser via adobe flash player. You will need to install adobe flash player in order to watch films on Icelandic Cinema Online.

Can I watch your films on my TV?

Yes you can. Medium and large(HD) file sizes are well suitable for watching on TV (see more about file sizes).
If your computer and TV set are connected.

Can I wait when film downloads and watch it offline?

It is not possible. We are using streaming technology in order to meet security requirements from film producers. You have to be online while watching.

Can I watch films on Icelandic Cinema Online on my iPad or iPhone?

Currently we use flash to stream films and iPad and iPhone do not support it, but in the future we plan to provide support for iOS devices.


Registering and Purchasing films

Do I need credit card to register on Icelandic Cinema Online?

It is free of charge to become a user and you don´t need credit card. You can watch trailers and free films without account credit.

How is the registration process?

Fill your email and password in registration form.  After you press "register", you will receive a confirmation e-mail with activation link. Then you can login.

How do I buy credit on my ICO account?

After you have registered and activated your ICO account you can purchase credit. Click on your email on top of the page and choose "Buy Credit" from drop-down list. You can purchase credit from €5 and up to €300. Your purchase goes through PayPal and is subject of their security measures and Terms of Service. Your credit will not expire and can be used as long as ICO website is in service.

Can I only pay through PayPal?

Yes at the moment it is only possible to pay through PayPal. PayPal payment system supports most of the widely used credit cards. We are planning to ad more payment options in the near future.


Technical Requirements

Operating system

You should be able to watch film on all operating systems that support flash player – Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.


There are no special requirements for hardware, if you can watch video on YouTube, your computer should handle ICO.

Internet connection

In order to stream smoothly films from ICO, you will need an internet connection with bandwidth at least
0,8 Mb/s (800 Kb/s) to view small size films
1,5 Mb/s (1500 Kb/s) to view medium size films
2,5 Mb/s (2500 Kb/s) to view large(HD) size films
to check you internet connection speed you can go to

Film sizes explained

is 720p HD file with bitrate 2,5 Mb/s

is file with resolution close to PAL standard (DVD) and bitrate 1,5 Mb/s

is 640 pixel wide video with bitrate 0,8 Mb/s



My video playback is not smooth, what can I do to improve it?

If you playback is not smooth it most often means that your computer is not handling the playback. This can happen with older computers that have slower processor and less RAM. You can try following to take the load off your computer.

1. Update your flash player 

2. Choose smaller file size (drop-down menu located under the player on the right side)

3.  Switch off all other programs

4. Try using Chrome browser, it is said to be using less power resources.

5. Check if you allow your flash player to store enough information from ICO. Check here below for further instructions. 


The film keeps stopping and going back to the beginning. What can be the problem? 

1. Make sure you are using the latest version of Flash. To check your version, see Adobe's About page.

2. Navigate to a page that shows a Flash video.

3. Right-click on the video player and click Settings... in the context menu. The Adobe Flash Player Settings will open. There is a question in Settings "How much information can ICO store on your computer?". Set the slider on the pop-up screen higher and that should fix your problem. 

If you are still experiencing problems please e-mail us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Film is sometimes stopping, why?

If the film is stopping it usually means that you are having problems with streaming. Your internet connection speed may not be sufficient or you are experiencing temporary network overload. See Technical requirements for details. To fix this:

1. Make sure you are not downloading something else at the same time.

2. Choose smaller file size (drop-down menu located under the player on the right side)

3. Upgrade your internet connection speed.

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