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On icelandiccinema.com you are able to watch a broad variety of Icelandic films. Our mission is to create the biggest collection of Icelandic films online. We will be adding new titles every week. 
On the website we have:
Short films
Music videos??and more!
We will be adding exciting features to the website in the next few weeks and months. That would include an online shop where you can pick up your favorite DVD and soundtrack. We will also be adding more interactive features so you can comment on the films and share your experience with other fans of Icelandic films. Please be patient with us - we are working on it. 
Icelandic Cinema Online is a non-profit project and any donation or contributions are welcome. At the moment we need volunteers for translating subtitles so we can spread the films as wide as possible. 
If you would like to support our work please contact us at info@icelandiccinema.com for further inquires. 
With love and respect,
The Icelandic Cinema Online Team
Read the story behind Icelandic Cinema Online
The story of Icelandic Cinema Online
Now that we are close to launching the website of Icelandic Cinema Online we would like to share with you the story of this ambitious project of ours. The story starts a little over a year ago in The Czech Republic with two friends and a bottle of red wine. Sunna and Steffi where sitting together in Prague one fine evening and reminiscing about some golden moments from a favorite Icelandic comedy called Sódóma Reykjavíkur. We then of course wanted to watch the film but discovered that it was not available anywhere online. We also found out that this was the case with most Icelandic films. Then we had this wonderful and genius idea to collect Icelandic films and putting them online for people who would like to access them wherever and whenever they wanted. We also believed that people other than Icelanders would like this idea. Both me and Steffi have lived abroad for many years. Me in Canada, France, Belgium, The Czech Republic (yes I am crazy about travelling ;) and Steffi for 14 year in The Czech Republic, and through the years we have come across many people interested in films and music from Iceland.  Shortly after we entered the idea in a competition for young start-ups. After that there was no turning back for us. We got to the finals and enjoyed every minute of the ride. Now, after one year of hard work, lots of  brainstorming, excessive coffee drinking and loads of patience,  we have managed to make Icelandic Cinema Online a reality.  We are also very excited about the future of the web as we have so many ideas on how to develop it further. We plan to make it possible for you to buy the DVD's, the soundtracks to the films, and all in all making it a platform for people to come and discuss Icelandic films. We hope that it will be the first stop for anybody who is interested in and loves Icelandic Cinema as much as we do. 
We hope that you will support our project by enjoying the many amazing films that we have online. We will do our best to add new titles every week and we would also love to hear from you. Hopefully we will soon be adding interactive features to our website but until then please post your comments here on Facebook or write us an e-mail. 
And finally, our advice for you is just to go for it if you have an idea that you belive in even if  you're lacking resources. Don't let anything stop you.  If we were able to do it with our small team, no money and no big cooperates behind us we are sure that anything is possible. It is a matter of ambition, loads of positivity and putting your heart in it. Why dream only of the possible when there is the impossible to conquer..?  

On www.icelandiccinema.com you are able to watch a broad variety of Icelandic films. Our mission is to create the biggest collection of Icelandic films online.

On the website we have Films, Documentaries, Short films, Tv-shows, Music videos  and more!

Icelandic Cinema Online is part of Islandica.com and our goal is to work hard to provide quality products and service to our customers. Thank you for shopping with us! If you have anything in your mind let us know about it.

We are here to serve you!

The Icelandic Cinema Online Team


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