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Several Icelandic films have been in production in the year 2013. In the following weeks we will post news about many of those films, starting today with those that are to be released soon, to be followed with news about those that are still on the editing board and finally we will tell you a bit about what is scheduled for filming in 2014

Grafir og bein is an independently funded film, that is, it is funded without the support of the Icelandic Film Centre. The film costs 12 million Icelandic Krona and is directed by Anton Sigurðsson. The film is about Gunnar and his wife Sonja who inherit a house in the countryside. When they arrive there terrible things start happening and they are forced to face ghosts from the past. The film will be released in March 2014. 


  Einn (One) is the first feature film by Elvar Gunnarsson. It's independently financed as well and      Elvar told us that way he could have a complete artistic control over the result, contrary to the        main character of the film. The film is about Helgi, played by Arnþór  Þórsteinsson, a filmmaker  that has just finished his first script, based on his own life. When the producers start demanding  changes to the script those changes start happening to Helgi in real life. Elvar told us that he started  the script when he was in his first year of film school. After graduation he started teaching in the  school where he studied before and there he got a lot of  inspiration for the story. He is hoping that  the  film will bring a fresh breeze to the Icelandic film scene. He is applying for funding for the post-  production of the film and it is sceduled to be released early next year.  Check out their facebook  page.


Finally there is Hemma or Home, a Swedish/Icelandic co-production. It is directed by Maximilian Hult and was shot in the summer of 2012 in Eyrabakki, south of Selfoss. Most of the cast is Swedish but a lot of the crew was Icelandic as well. The story is about Loa who is an intelligent young woman that lives with her mother in a big city. Lóa has no clue that she has any relatives until her grandfather passes away and she finds out that her grandmother is still alive. Against her mother's wishes, she goes to her grandfather's funeral and then moves in with her grandmother. The film has already won several awards in festivals abroad and will be released in Iceland early next year. Check out the website for the film @


Keep updated in the following weeks for more news about films to be released later in 2014 or filmed that year. 

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