TV Series Game of Thrones shot in Iceland


The crew and actors of the popular Tv series Game of Thrones are currently in Iceland shooting scenes for the fourth season of the series that will air next spring. The crew had been filming scenes in Belfast before coming to Iceland and had expected it to rain cats and dogs as in Northern Ireland but instead, the sun gave them a very warm welcome. They had already shot winter scenes in Iceland for the second and third seasons, so it will be interesting to see how those summer shots turn out. Notably, the actors who play Arya Stark and “The Hound” are among the crew. Filming locations include Þingvellir National Park (which had to be closed off to tourists), Þjórsárdalur and Nesjavellir. When asked if they would come back to film in Iceland, producer Chris Newman had this to say: “Definitely, I'm sure we will be back here next year. [...] But we have to avoid using any horses, because our horses in the UK are bigger. We have some horses here, but we're keeping the camera far away from them, so we might believe they are the same horses in Belfast”

An extensive interview with Chris Newman can be seen here.

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