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Animation: Gunnar Karlsson, Róbert Freyr Kolbeins, Phoebe Jenkins, Ólafur Ágúst Haraldsson, Tómas H. Jóhannesson
Background and Character Design: Gunnar Karlsson
Model Maker: Gunnar Karlsson, Róbert Freyr Kolbeins


Original title Litla lirfan ljóta
DIRECTOR Gunnar Karlsson
PRODUCER CAOZ Ltd, Skrípó ehf.
SCRIPT Based on a Story by: Friðrik Erlingsson
SOUND Gunnar Árnason
MUSIC Vilhjálmur Guðjónsson
GENRE Animation
CAST Íris Gunnarsson, Benedikt Erlingsson, Þórhallur Sigurðsson (Laddi),Stefán Karl Stefánsson, Ólafía Hrönn Jónsdóttir, Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir, Björgvin Halldórsson, Svala Björgvinsdóttir, Bergur Gunnarsson, Friðrik Erlingsson, Gunnar Karlsson, Hilmar Sigurðsson


The lost little Caterpillar tells of the adventures of a spell bound princess and her struggle with understanding the complexities of life. On her journey through the garden, she encounters many other creatures, both friend and foe. A hostile ladybird enters her life, she comes across a friendly worm, is harassed by a buzzing bee and a vicious old spider. Then a sparrow grabs her and is about to feed her to the chicks in its nest.


Gunnar Karlsson graduated in fine arts from the Icelandic Collage of Arts and Crafts in 1979 and went on to study at the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm. He has held numerous private exhibitions in the Nordic region and has received various awards for his illustrations and books. Gunnar is a co-founder of CAOZ where he visually created and directed the award winning 3D animation 'The lost little Caterpillar' as his first animated film. Gunnar has also worked on numerous animated commercial projects during his career.


Fredrikstad Animation Film Festival, 2003 - Award: Nom. best children film / Giffoni Film Festival, 2003 - Award: Nom. best short / SICAF, 2003 - Award: Nom. best short / Nordisk Panorama, 2003 - Award: Nom. best short / Computer Space 2002, 2002 - Award: Winner / Edduverðlaunin / Edda Awards, 2002 - Award: Best Short. Best Artistic Direction (Gunnar Karlsson). Nominated for Best Direction (Gunnar Karlsson).


In English

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